Learn quantum 

Quantum coding

Learn quantum coding with help from Copilot in Azure Quantum. Write and run quantum code right from your browser, or ask Copilot for a sample then copy, run, and explore. 

Quantum Chemistry

Learn about quantum chemistry with Azure Quantum’s 3D interactive viewer. Ask copilot to show you a molecule and orbital visualization, or select one of the prompts to get started.

Quantum tutorials

Try the Azure Quantum “katas”: free, self-paced quantum programming exercises that teach the elements of quantum computing and the Q# programming language. 

Quantum & crypto

Grow your understanding of the intersection of quantum computing and cryptography with the Azure Quantum Resource Estimator and Copilot in Azure Quantum.

Explore the Quantum Development blogs

Go deep with the Azure Quantum team

Explore a wide variety of technical topics with the Quantum Development blog. Written directly by the Azure Quantum team and frequently updated, the Q# Blogs offer how-tos, coding examples, and a view into the latest developments, features, research and events from the Azure Quantum team.  

Explore the roadmaps

8 billion reasons to build a quantum supercomputer

For scientists to solve the hardest, most complex chemistry and materials science problems like reversing climate change and addressing food insecurity, a Quantum Supercomputer will be required. Yet, today, every known quantum machine on the planet is blocked from achieving the necessary reliable quantum operations performance of one million reliable quantum operations per second (rQOPS).

Learn about Microsoft’s recent breakthroughs and unique approach to building a scaled Quantum Supercomputer.

Ensuring a quantum-safe future, together

Scaled quantum computing offers great hope and great potential, but we must remain vigilant about the potential misuse of scaled quantum computers, which could, for example, threaten cryptographic algorithms and secure communications.

Learn more about this important topic, including how Microsoft’s Quantum-Safe program can help you prepare today for a quantum-safe future. 

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing holds the promise of solving some of our planet's biggest challenges - in the areas of environment, agriculture, health, energy, climate, materials science, and more.

Reliable Quantum Operations Per Second

Reliable Quantum Operations Per Second rQOPS will measure a supercomputer’s full performance accounting for scale, speed and reliability. Learn more about this important concept

Video: Introducing Azure Quantum Elements

Azure Quantum Elements empowers scientists to make significant advancements with HPC and AI while simultaneously allowing them to get quantum ready.