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Learn, experiment and innovate with quantum computing

Highlight of the week: quantum teleportation sample

Check out our Q# code sample on quantum teleportation, a protocol that uses both quantum and classical information processing to transfer an unknown quantum state from one location to another. 

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Azure Quantum blog

At Microsoft, we believe that it will take the world’s collective genius to realize the full potential of quantum computing. Read the Azure Quantum blog to learn more about our vision for the quantum future and how you can participate. 

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Conceptual image showing a Microsoft-branded quantum computer in a datacenter

Q# Developer blog

Keep up to date with the latest news from the Azure Quantum team. Learn about feature releases, tips and tricks, or news from our partners. 

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Inside of a dilution refrigerator

Building a quantum-safe future

Microsoft is dedicated to minimizing the efforts required by our customers and partners to become quantum-safe, and to using our world-leading research and engineering teams to keep our products and services secure.

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The qubit

Learn how qubits use the quantum-mechanical phenomena of superposition and entanglement to power quantum computations

Quantum math

Learn about the mathematics behind quantum computing, and how it is used to describe the behavior of qubits and quantum gates

Topological qubits

Microsoft believes topological qubits are the key to unlocking scaled quantum computing. Learn more about our unique approach


Learn about Superposition the quantum mechanical concept of superposition and how it is used to enable quantum computation