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Quantum Innovator Series with Dr. Krysta Svore and Mark Russinovich

In this video, Dr. Krysta Svore and Mark Russinovich explore Microsoft’s latest quantum computing advancement, enabling quantum and classical compute to integrate seamlessly together in the cloud.

Azure Quantum's integrated hybrid capabilities are a first for our industry and an important step forward on our path to quantum at scale. In this video, you will:

  • Learn how the rapidly growing scale of classical computing capabilities in the cloud—especially AI and supercomputing—will enable scaled quantum computing to become a reality.
  • Hear how the rise of classical compute capabilities in the cloud can help you solve quantum mechanical problems today.
  • Understand how a hybrid of classical and quantum compute is essential for progress now and in the future.
  • Explore how a new generation of quantum algorithms and protocols that could only be described in scientific papers can now run elegantly on quantum hardware in the cloud.
  • Begin to use new advancements in Azure Quantum to harness the power of the hyperscale cloud to unlock innovation
  • Discover how Azure ensures your investments are future proof and enables organizations to be quantum ready.


About the speakers

Krysta Svore | Distinguished Engineer and Vice President of Advanced Quantum Development, Quantum at Microsoft

Dr. Svore has published over 70 refereed articles and filed over 30 patents. She is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She won the 2010 Yahoo! Learning to Rank Challenge with a team of colleagues, received an ACM Best of 2013 Notable Article award, and was recognized as one of Business Insider’s Most Powerful Female Engineers of 2018. A Kavli Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, she also serves as an advisor to the National Quantum Initiative, the Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee of the Department of Energy, and the ISAT Committee of DARPA, in addition to numerous other quantum centers and initiatives globally.


Mark Russinovich  | Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Azure

A widely recognized expert in distributed systems and operating systems, Mark earned a Ph.D. in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He later co-founded Winternals Software, joining Microsoft in 2006 when the company was acquired.  Mark is a popular speaker at industry conferences such as IPExpo, Microsoft Ignite and Build, and RSA Conference. He has also authored several nonfiction and fiction books, including the Microsoft Press Windows Internals book series, as well as fictional cyber security thrillers Zero Day, Trojan Horse and Rogue Code.



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