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Integrated hybrid quantum computing

In this video Fabrice Fachon, Program Management Lead for Azure Quantum, is joined by Pete Campora from Quantinuum and Michael Egan from KPMG. They discuss examples and guidance on how to build integrated hybrid solutions using Azure Quantum and Quantinuum hardware. 

Hybrid quantum computing refers to the processes and architecture of a classical computer and a quantum computer working together to solve a problem. Classical computers have always been used in quantum computing to define quantum gates, control configuration of the quantum computer, submit jobs, and process results from the quantum computer. With the latest generation of hybrid quantum computing architecture available in Azure Quantum, Integrated Hybrid, you can start programming quantum computers by mixing classical and quantum instructions together.


About the speaker

Fabrice Fachon | Principal Program Management Lead, Azure Quatum at Microsoft

Fabrice Frachon leads Program Management in Azure Quantum where he drives the mission of empowering people and organizations with commercial-scale quantum computing. rior to joining the Azure Quantum team, he led at Microsoft the Strategy and Ecosystem Engineering Services where he supported the most successful Microsoft OEMs to build best-in-class devices and solutions.

Fabrice holds a Masters degree from EPITA: Ecole d'Ingénieurs en Informatique, Le Kremlin Bicêtre, île-de-france. He has worked at Microsoft since March 2006.



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