World population chart - 8 billion

We see 8 billion reasons to build a quantum supercomputer

Our growing global footprint of 8 billion people requires new innovations to reverse climate change and address food insecurity. Throughout history, materials advancements – from the stone age to the silicon age – has shaped human progress. Scientists are on a mission to drive new discoveries that will solve the hardest problems humanity faces. This is why we are pushing the boundaries of physics to engineer the technologies that empower scientists to innovate at scale, with speed.

Using nature to solve human problems

Nature is quantum mechanical. Quantum computers are the natural computers to simulate nature.

Using nature to solve human problems

The solution to the hardest problems facing humanity lies within the mysteries of nature and the ability of scientists to uncover them to accelerate chemistry and materials science.

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Sustainable fertilizer

1 in 3 people around the world suffer from food insecurity. Quantum computing and AI have the potential to revolutionize the production of fertilizer in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Reversing climate change

Increased levels of carbon dioxide from conventional energy production and storage methods have increased the earth’s temperature. We must find new methods for reducing carbon dioxide in the air. Quantum computing will revolutionize the chemistry of energy.


Accelerating scientific discovery

Azure Quantum Elements empowers scientists to make significant advancements with HPC and AI while simultaneously allowing them to get quantum ready. From the ability to rapidly screen lab experiment candidates, to the ease of simulations, and the ability to accurately model and design new molecules, these advancements enable researchers to accelerate the next 250 years of chemistry and materials sciences progress into the next 25.

Physics breakthrough

Physics breakthrough

Microsoft engineered devices allow us to induce and control topological phase creating Majorana Zero Modes. The zero bias peak is evidence of a Majorana. This innovation starts our path to engineering the world’s first hardware protected qubit, a new type of stable qubit.


Quantum today

Start exploring quantum today. Learn about AI assisted quantum coding or advanced features like Azure Quantum Elements, our chemistry and materials science platform.